Tax Free Shopping

The Boolchand story dates back to 1901 when Mr. Boolchand courageously set sail from India to Panama to work as a salesman. His vision to open his own business was realized in 1930 with the opening of the first Boolchand’s store, at the time called Oriental Art Palace, in the island of Curacao. From here, his son, Mr. Doulatram Boolchand Nandwani (known to us as “Dada”), eventually expanded the business by opening stores throughout the Caribbean and Venezuela and at one point, had over 20 stores in operation managed only by himself. Read more about our story here.

Amongst the islands that Dada expanded to and where we are domiciled today are St. Thomas and St. Maarten, both of which are Duty-Free jurisdictions. This means that all items sold in these stores as well as online are tax-free and offer the best possible value.

Go ahead and shop in confidence at The Boolchand Group where genuine, brand-name products and top-class service meet the best prices. For more information, please reach out to us using the details below.