Crystal Clear Communication: How Poly Transforms Every Call into a Stage for Success

In today’s fast-paced business world, the clarity of your message can make or break a deal. Enter Poly: the maestro of conference call solutions, turning every meeting room into a stage where every voice is heard, clear and crisp. Imagine a world where every call, virtual meeting, or presentation is delivered with unparalleled clarity and precision, no matter the location. Poly transforms this vision into reality, offering a symphony of audio and video conferencing solutions designed to orchestrate flawless communication for businesses of all sizes.

by Didi | posted on May 07, 2024

Revolutionizing Hospitality Operations with Samsung’s Rugged Devices

In the demanding realm of the hospitality industry, where the pace is relentless and the expectations are high, having the right tools for your team is not just an advantage - it's a necessity. The introduction of Samsung’s Galaxy XCover7 and Galaxy Tab Active5 heralds a new era for businesses seeking to optimize their operations while ensuring resilience and efficiency.

by Didi | posted on Apr 27, 2024

Lab-grown diamonds for every day. For every look. For all who dream.

In a world where the choices we make define the future we shape, Pandora presents a collection that mirrors the beauty of our intentions. "Lab-grown diamonds" is more than just an adornment; it's a declaration. Diamonds by Pandora shares the same scintillating dance of light and precise chemistry as mined stones, yet they are fashioned with tomorrow in mind. This collection is a symphony of sustainability and craftsmanship, where each stone's cut, color, and clarity tells a story of innovation and allure.

by Didi | posted on Apr 27, 2024

Stylish Sustainability: Pandora’s Lab-Grown Diamond Collections

Ethical Elegance While Pandora is primarily known for their array of cute charms, there are also stunning collections of extraordinary lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds, meticulously cultivated under controlled conditions, offer a remarkable alternative to traditionally mined gems. Boasting the same mesmerizing brilliance and allure, Pandora's lab-grown diamonds redefine the essence of elegance, free from the environmental and ethical concerns associated with conventional diamond sourcing. Explore the collections of lab-grown diamonds that showcase these pieces and tell a story of innovation, responsibility and timeless beauty.

by Didi | posted on Oct 13, 2023
Team meeting

Transforming Education: Harnessing Technology for a Brighter Future

The Benefits of Integrating Technology In today's rapidly evolving world, integrating technology into education has become imperative. The utilization of advanced tools like Samsung Smart Boards, laptops and desktops has revolutionized the learning process, providing students and educators with dynamic, interactive and personalized learning experiences. With help from the Boolchand Group, explore the benefits of employing these technologies in educational settings.

by Didi | posted on Oct 10, 2023

Embracing a Future of the Virtual Workspace

Video Conferencing Solutions In recent years, the world has witnessed a shift in how we work, communicate and collaborate. Technology has emerged as the primary enabler of this transformation, providing seamless and efficient communication channels. Video conferencing is pivotal in bridging the physical divide, empowering remote workers to stay connected and productive through a virtual workspace. Discover how you can enable these technologies in your business to maximize productivity in your day-to-day operations with Boolchand’s.

by Didi | posted on Sep 11, 2023

Celebrate August With Pandora

What’s better than a new piece of dazzling jewelry from Pandora? A special gift of course! When you make a purchase of $115 or more, you’ll receive a FREE jewelry box to hold all of your cherished items. From August 15th through the 27th, shop Pandora products at Boolchand.com and treat yourself with the perfect gift. To get you inspired, we’ve hand selected a few of our favorite pieces for you to shop.

by Didi | posted on Aug 09, 2023

Audio and Digital Signage Solutions for Hospitality Businesses

In today's fast-paced world, the hospitality industry constantly seeks innovative ways to enhance guest experiences and deliver exceptional services. Whether creating immersive environments or effectively communicating important information, advanced digital display solutions and audio technology play a crucial role in transforming the hospitality landscape. Luckily, The Boolchand Group offers a range of digital display solutions that enable hotels, resorts and other establishments to deliver visually appealing and informative content to their guests. Discover how a partnership with Boolchand’s can support your business through cutting-edge audio and digital signage solutions for hospitality.

by Didi | posted on Aug 03, 2023

Set Sail in Style with Pandora

Spending your summer in the sand? Do it in style with Pandora’s collection of jewelry that will have you feeling beachy. Make a splash with looks inspired by the ocean and spend this season sparkling.

by Didi | posted on Jul 06, 2023

Exploring Boolchand’s Growth Journey

In the world of retail and consumer electronics, The Boolchand Group has become known for its diverse portfolio of brands, dedicated employees and strong presence across various markets. Over the years, we’ve experienced remarkable growth, consistently expanding our reach and adding prestigious brands to our repertoire. Discover the fascinating story of Boolchand’s growth journey, exploring the brand partnerships formed, employees hired and stores opened along the way.

by Didi | posted on Jul 06, 2023

Bringing Jobs to the Caribbean

Our dedication to the Caribbean isn’t just limited to providing quality products and services. We’re also committed to creating jobs that help improve the standard of living in the region. Over the years, our team at The Boolchand Group has made significant strides in achieving this goal through our various business initiatives. As our business grows, we look forward to hiring more employees and propelling their careers. Whether it’s retail or business development, we’re constantly expanding and looking to add new talent to our teams every day.

by Didi | posted on Jun 13, 2023

Kick Off Summer With Our Spectacular Pandora Sale

Refreshing your jewelry box for the summer? Explore Pandora’s collection of charming pieces that will add sparkle and shine to any outfit this season. From June 19th through July 4th, shop Pandora charms, bracelets and other pieces like these Two-tone Flower Stud Earrings at 30% OFF. Find your newest accessory and shake up your summer wardrobe!

by Didi | posted on Jun 05, 2023

Where to Find Boolchand’s in the Caribbean

Need Jewelry or Electronics? If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your electronic and jewelry needs in the Caribbean, Boolchand's is the place to go. For almost a century, we’ve offered our customers an extensive selection of electronics, jewelry and watches. We started as a small family-owned business in Curacao in 1930. Since then, we’ve expanded to several locations in the Caribbean as well as the United States, including Aruba, Miami, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and St. Thomas. Whether you’re vacationing in the Caribbean or living on one of the islands, Boolchand's is the perfect place to go. Learn more about some of our locations and specialties below.

by Didi | posted on May 08, 2023

Shimmering Summertime Accessories

Sweet summertime is approaching, which means it’s time to switch up your accessories to reflect the season's change. From vibrant colors to shimmering gold pieces, summer is the perfect time to experiment with different styles. Whether you prefer delicate accessories or statement pieces, Boolchand.com has all the options you need.

by Didi | posted on May 02, 2023

From Retail To Distribution

Giving Consumers Across The Caribbean Access To Quality Brands If you’re looking for high-quality electronics, footwear and travel retail products in the Caribbean, you’re in luck. For almost a century, Boolchand’s has specialized in supplying our communities with the latest technology and products they may struggle to find elsewhere in the region. In 1930, we started as a small retail store in Curacao. Over the years, we’ve experienced rapid growth, expanding our retail footprint to other Caribbean countries, including Aruba, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and the U.S. Virgin Islands. At the same time, Boolchand's has evolved from being a retailer to becoming a leading distributor of quality brands in the Caribbean. With a commitment to delivering high-quality products and services to our consumers and other businesses, we’re proud to be a trusted name in the region.

by Didi | posted on Apr 06, 2023

Pandora’s Amazing Mother’s Day Promotion

Our moms do so much for us and they deserve a day dedicated to celebrating them. For this upcoming Mother’s Day, Pandora is holding a special promotion to honor our mothers. From May 3rd through the 14th, shop Pandora and receive a sterling silver bracelet for FREE when you spend $150 or more. Plus, you can receive a 14-Karat rose gold-plated bracelet when you spend $325 or more. We know you don’t want to miss these sweet savings, so below are a few pieces that will earn you a FREE bracelet.

by Didi | posted on Apr 06, 2023

From Retail to B2B: Bringing Quality Brands and Service to Businesses in the Caribbean

Many know Boolchand’s as a top retail destination in the Caribbean. However, we’re not just a retailer. Over the years, we’ve evolved into a key supplier of information technology, display solutions, smart home devices, educational supplies and more to many businesses and government entities in the region. As official distributors of the top technology brands, we’re proud to offer not just competitive pricing, but an end-to-end solution for your technology needs, covering scoping, sourcing, delivery, implementation, training and after-sales service and maintenance. If your school or corporation is in need of video equipment, conferencing equipment, computers, servers, printing solutions, security devices and more, you can rely on us.

by Didi | posted on Mar 08, 2023

A Sparkling Marvel Moment

Marvel has introduced us to some of the most iconic characters in comics history. From Spider-Man to Iron Man and beyond, these characters were always involved in action-packed adventures. Now, you can have your own Marvel moment with Pandora’s Marvel Collection. With sparkling charms and dazzling jewelry, you’ll be sure to find one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase your love of everything Marvel.

by Didi | posted on Mar 08, 2023

From Multibrand to Franchisee: Our Pandora Journey

In 2005, when our journey first began with Pandora, we started with a small assortment of jewelry on a single tray in our St. Maarten store on Front Street. Almost instantly, we noticed the potential for the brand to grow, and so we quickly decided to expand the number of stores that carried Pandora. By early 2006, the brand was in every multicategory Boolchand store.

by Didi | posted on Feb 21, 2023

Valentine’s Day Charm

Love is in the air this February and we are feeling extra grateful for our sweethearts as  Valentine's season approaches. What better way to express adoration to your partner than with a sentimental gift? Pandora created a special collection of Valentine’s gift sets to embody the love you have for your significant other. As an added bonus, when you shop Pandora, you can personalize select items with custom engraving! Below are just a few of the sets that we find extra special.

by Didi | posted on Feb 03, 2023

Core Values that Shape Our Company

As a company, Boolchand’s often reflects on its humble beginnings, strong roots and fundamental morals. After all, we wouldn't be where we are today without remembering the path that led us here. It all started with our founder, Mr. Doulatram Boolchand Nandwani, known fondly to us as “Dada,” his old-fashioned values and an unwavering dream. With a history that spans over 90 years, we’re proud to have stayed true to the core values that were established on day one. Even after experiencing rapid growth and international expansion in places including Aruba, Miami, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and St. Thomas, we’ve ensured that our foundational values remain the lifeline of our company. Discover the principles that have been the heart and soul of Boolchand’s for nearly a century.

by Didi | posted on Jan 23, 2023

Honoring a Century of Disney

The influence that Disney has created over the last 100 years is nothing short of astounding. From creating the first cartoons with synchronized sound to producing the first full length animated feature film, their relevance and reach continues to grow in today's society. To honor and celebrate 100 years of Disney, Pandora has crafted a limited edition collection. Below are three featured pieces we know you’ll love.

by Didi | posted on Jan 23, 2023
pandora sale

Sweet Savings on Holiday Gift Sets

The holidays are a time when we focus on giving. In fact, it's the best part of the season. Seeing our loved ones light up with joy when they open their presents is truly magical. And now, you can save while finding the perfect festive charms and bracelets for your friends and family. We're offering 20% OFF our Pandora Holiday Gift Sets. We've profiled a few of our favorites below. So, take a peek to discover the perfect Gift Set for your loved ones.

by Didi | posted on Dec 12, 2022
caribbean crocs

Taking Crocs Caribbean-wide

Back in 2002, Crocs™ was born after three businessmen stumbled upon a foam shoe during a sailing trip in the Caribbean. They wanted to improve the style, so it was comfortable, functional and easy to wear. What began as a small idea has transformed into a worldwide sensation, attracting customers from every corner of the map. Fast forward twenty years, Crocs is now an international leader in casual footwear for men, women and children.

by Didi | posted on Dec 12, 2022
Person holding a gift wrapped in a bow

The Most Merry Holiday Savings

As the seasons change from autumn to winter, we turn to our wardrobes looking for those perfect holiday looks to match the season. What better way to head into this festive time of year and revamp your style than with a sale?

by Didi | posted on Nov 14, 2022